Kids And Teens Can Feel Right At Home

For kids and teens the club is a cool, exciting, friendly and safe place to be with lots of things to do. Just like the adults, they can hit the courts, the pool or the fitness center, but in all these areas there are programs geared just for them!

In Junior Tennis, kids as young as four years old can be introduced to the game and start to play. The program then takes kids through all levels, developing their skills and turning out players who love the game and play recreationally, competitively or both. There’s even Tennis for Teens, a program designed for 12 to 18 year olds who have limited experience but want to learn the game and play with kids their own age.

In Junior Aquatics kids as young as three can get the attention and instruction they need with classes that have a maximum of two swimmers! Classes stay small as kids progress and learn water safety and more advanced swimming techniques. And for the more dedicated and/or competitive swimmer, we offer two levels of stroke clinics.

In the Fitness Center we welcome kids ages 12 to 18 who want to stay active or train for greater success in their sport of choice. It’s equipped with all the machines they’re looking for and comes with an orientation session with a personal trainer so they can establish workout and fitness goals. Kids can also participate in our many group fitness classes as well as a special Teen Boot Camp.

Get the kids to the Club and have a healthy fitness experience for your entire family!   They’re sure to make friends and find a healthy activity they’ll love for life.